Unlocking the Future of Pain Management: Laser Therapy’s Impact on Neuropathy

August 30, 2023
August 30, 2023 foxphysical

Laser Therapy’s Impact on Neuropathy

Unlocking Pain Relief with Photobiomodulation (PBM) Laser Therapy: A Spotlight on Diabetic Neuropathy

Harnessing the power of advanced 4-wavelength laser technology, the Summus Horizon laser is revolutionizing how we treat pain. From neck/back discomfort to sports injuries and particularly Neuropathy, this tool promises pain alleviation, reduced inflammation, and superior tissue healing.

Why Should Neuropathy Patients Prioritize Laser Therapy?

Understanding one’s diagnosis is pivotal, but grasping the potential aftermath of Neuropathy is equally essential. Let’s delve deeper into the phases of Neuropathy and the possible complications it might usher in.

Determining the Number of Laser Sessions for Neuropathy 

The duration and intensity of one’s condition play a crucial role in determining the treatment sessions. At Fox Physical Therapy, we bifurcate conditions into Acute and Chronic. While acute discomforts are short-lived, chronic pains like Neuropathy tend to linger for over six months without substantial betterment. Typically, Neuropathy patients require an initial course of around 16 sessions.

How Laser Therapy Empowers Neuropathy Patients 

Seeking early intervention is the best strategy to counteract the progression of Neuropathy. The Photobiomodulation Laser tackles Neuropathy at its core, counteracting its debilitating effects. No matter how advanced the condition, PBM laser treatments pave the way for sustainable relief and an enriched life quality.

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