Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a key component of our commitment to holistic care.

Our skilled occupational therapists collaborate with individuals of all ages, addressing a spectrum of challenges – from physical rehabilitation to developmental needs and beyond. For individuals with musculoskeletal injuries in the upper extremities, occupational therapy plays a crucial role. Our therapists work closely with their orthopedic surgeon following surgery to help them achieve their maximum potential. As part of the recovery process, Our therapists are trained to fabricate/customize different types of splints that can help reduce/increase mobility, support healing, and increase the use of the upper extremity in everyday tasks as indicated by their physician.


Our occupational therapy services are not just about physical recovery, they are about embracing the transformative power of meaningful activities in daily life. Whether regaining functional independence after an injury, supporting children in reaching developmental milestones, or assisting seniors in maintaining autonomy, our tailored approach is designed to meet diverse needs. By integrating this comprehensive approach, we aim to provide a more complete and personalized care experience, ensuring that every individual receives the specialized attention required for their unique journey to wellness. Welcome to a practice that goes beyond physical recovery, embracing the transformative power of occupational therapy for a fuller, more enriched life. 


We have five office locations in South Florida
to service patients with Physical Therapy care.