Nutrition Coaching

At Fox Physical Therapy, we firmly believe in the key role of Nutrition in supporting our clients’ healing journeys.

Introducing our latest addition at Fox Physical Therapy: Nutrition and Health Coaching. We’re thrilled to announce that alongside our renowned physical therapy services, we’re now offering comprehensive guidance on nutrition and health. Our team is deeply invested and dedicated to providing patients with a well-rounded approach to their healing journey. We understand the integral role nutrition and lifestyle play in achieving optimal health and recovery. By incorporating personalized coaching into our services, we aim to empower individuals to make lasting changes that support their overall well-being. At Fox Physical Therapy, we’re committed to providing holistic care, ensuring that every aspect of your health is addressed with utmost attention and expertise.


Injury Rehabilitation: We provide nutrition coaching tailored to support the unique nutritional needs of individuals undergoing injury rehabilitation. Our goal is to optimize nutrient intake to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery.

Pre- and Post-Surgical Nutrition: Proper nutrition before and after surgery can significantly impact surgical outcomes and recovery. Our nutrition coaching services include pre and post surgical dietary guidance to help clients strengthen their bodies, boost immune function, and minimize complications before and after surgery.

Overall Wellness: Beyond injury rehabilitation and surgery, our nutrition coaching services are designed to promote overall wellness and longevity. Whether you’re seeking support for weight management, digestive health, mental well-being, or general nutrition education, our knowledgeable coach is here to help you achieve your health goals.


Initial Intake: The initial intake session allows our team to get to know you on a deeper level and understand how we can best support you on your journey. About a week or two after the initial session, we will book our first follow-up and go over your nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and meal plan!

Follow Up Calls: Clients meet with our nutritionist a minimum of 2 times per month after the initial intake session, allowing for continuous guidance and support throughout your wellness journey. Each follow-up call will last for one hour. During this time, we will assess for symptom reductions, plan adherence, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you stay on track toward your health goals. Additionally, these calls provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, share your progress, and receive personalized feedback and encouragement.

Ready to harness the power of nutrition to support your healing journey? Schedule a discovery call with us to learn about Nutrition Coaching with Fox Physical Therapy. Take the first step toward optimal wellness and recovery.


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