PEMF Therapy

HAELO and PEMF Therapy for holistic healing.

Electromagnetic Fields can be found naturally in the environment and man-made devices. It’s important to note that our bodies are sensitive to these EMFs as our cells must always have a balanced electrical charge to maintain muscular, tissue, organ, and brain function. That being said, not all EMFs that our bodies are exposed to are of the good kind. In today’s world, with so much use of electronic devices, there are more toxic EMF emissions than before. Cell phones, power lines, and Wi-Fi routers all release harsh, harmful EMFs that affect your biology at a cellular level.

In the past, our cells used to absorb beneficial EMFs from the earth’s natural electromagnetic fields. However, toxic artificial EMFs have increasingly interfered with natural EMFs, which has, in turn, tampered with the quality of EMFs being exposed to our cells. The great news is that we can correct this by using Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) to reverse some of the consequences created by our modernized technology.


The HAELO utilizes a combination of multiple electromagnetic frequencies to stimulate cellular health through different frequency sets that target various concerns. Whether it is physical or mental stress – the
HAELO can help to:

  • Recover: deep recovery of muscle, bones, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and tissues.
  • Relief: Targets tight or sore areas while calming nerves, soothing tension, and promoting gut health.
  • Replenish: Promotes oxygen, water, electrolytes, amino acids and increases energy at a cellular level.
  • Calm: This redirects your nervous system to enter the parasympathetic state to help minimize stress levels.
  • Harmonize: Aids with aligning the Chakras and helps reach mindfulness goals.
  • Defense: Activates your immune system’s defense and protection.
  • Focus: Helps with concentration, Mental Clarity (helps with brain fog), and focus.


Join the masses who have found wellness with a push of a button. We have several modalities used at our facility that will help you enhance your recovery. Ask us how to incorporate HAELO and combine other modalities, such as Photobiomodulation, into your routine for better results and faster relief!

  • Before or After workouts
  • Experiencing high stress
  • Presence of brain-fog
  • Feelings under the weather
  • After injury
  • To enhance spiritual practices (chakra alignment)


We have five office locations in South Florida
to service patients with Physical Therapy care.