About Us

Fox Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist serving Miami and Boca Raton, Florida

Fox Physical Therapy is a premier Orthopedic and Sports Injury Rehabilitation Center where you will only be treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Brett Fox, Fox Physical Therapy has two offices locations in Miami, Brickell, and Wynwood, and one office in Boca Raton, Florida to conveniently serve you.

The Fox Physical Therapy Difference, We Stop Pain for Good

Too often when a patient seeks help for their issue, only the symptoms are addressed. They are offered medications, surgery, or physical therapy that treats only the location of pain and not the true underlying cause of the pain. This may make the pain go away in the short-term but it inevitably always comes back.

We aim to find a permanent solution to your pain. we will discover the underlying issue so that the real healing begins. To find the true cause of pain it requires a deep understanding of the biomechanical chain of movement in the humanbody, including how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments all work together to produce movement.  At Fox Physical Therapy  we specialize in healing and stopping pain for good. Our board-certified Doctors of Physical Therapy can develop the best plan of care to quickly reduces your pain and ensures that the pain does not come back in the future.

Our Mission:

We will incorporate the highest level of evidence-based research to formulate a blueprint for success.

We will use a holistic approach for patients to reach their individual goals.

We will deliver high-quality physical therapy care in a cost-effective manner.

You will only be treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.