Cupping Therapy

Do you suffer from pain and looking for an alternative solution to surgery? Cupping Therapy is an ancient alternative medicine used in orthopedic physical Therapy to treat pain, trigger points, and myofascial adhesions. Placing plastic, glass, or bamboo “cups” on the skin creates negative pressure, which pulls the underlying tissue away from the body, resulting in improved perfusion to the affected area. At Fox Physical Therapy, our experienced team of professionals uses Cupping Therapy to improve your physical condition and help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Trust us to provide personalized and attentive care to ensure a successful recovery.


  1. Pain Relief: Cupping Therapy can help reduce pain and discomfort by increasing blood flow to the affected area.
  2. Improved Flexibility: By releasing muscle and fascia tension, Cupping Therapy can help improve range of motion and flexibility.
  3. Enhanced Recovery: Cupping Therapy can help speed recovery by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.
  4. Relaxation: Many people find Cupping Therapy a relaxing experience that can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm.
  5. Improved Immune System: Some research suggests that Cupping Therapy may help improve immune system function by increasing the production of white blood cells.


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