Dr. Arianny Gonzalez


Dr. Arianny Gonzalez

Dr. Arianny Gonzalez PT, DPT

Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist

About Dr. Arianny Gonzalez

Dr. Arianny Gonzalez PT, DPT, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Miami. Following her undergraduate degree, she attended Mass General Institute of Health Professions, receiving her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Dr. Gonzalez has always been passionate about movement and living an active lifestyle. What she loves most about being a DPT is getting to know her patients and working with them to achieve their goals, particularly those they didn’t believe would be possible post-injury. Dr. Gonzalez aims to tailor her approach to every individual, addressing each patient’s impairments and the root of the problem. Dr. Gonzalez truly believes that movement is medicine and seeks to educate and empower her patients through their rehabilitation journey.

She enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family in her free time. She also likes exploring Miami’s sunny beaches, traveling, reading, and practicing what she preaches at the clinic by staying active. Dr. Gonzalez intends to pursue further certifications in strength and conditioning, manual therapy, and dry needling.

Dr. Wolters’ hobbies include reading, powerlifting, and spending time with family and friends.