Fox Physical Therapy Teladoc Services

Fox Physical Therapy Teladoc Services

Fox Physical Therapy Teladoc Services

Fox Physical Therapy Now Serving Patients in Miami and Boca Raton Through Teladoc-Telerehabilitation

We are keeping our doors open and have launched our teladoc-telerehabilitation program to allow patients to continue their care without coming into the office. We understand how important it is to receive treatment, and we have created the ability for therapists and patients to interact.

How to Schedule Physical Therapy Telreab

You can speak on or over a phone app called Simple Practice. Our program is HIPPA compliant and will be a video conference call with a therapist. We accept all major insurance carriers, and now most insurance companies are covering teladoc-telerehabilitation.  We can put you will be seen by a doctor one on one.

If you are interested in telehealth, please call our main office at 305-735-8901, and we can schedule you.

What is Fox Physical Therapy doing to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus?

As a healthcare company, we must take part in helping to reduce the spread of the virus. We also understand that some patients need treatment right now, especially if they had recent surgery, accident, or otherwise that is severely impacting their ability to function. As such, we will remain open to ensure patients get the care they need. We want to let you know that we are doing everything in our power to provide a clean and safe environment for our patients. This includes all staff washing hands in between patients, wearing gloves, and masks if available, and constant cleaning of all surfaces with a disinfectant that kills coronaviruses. We will also follow the guidelines regarding social distancing and ensure that patients maintain a reasonable distance from others.

What can You do to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

If you are a patient of Fox Physical Therapy and you feel any symptoms, PLEASE do not come in for therapy. According to the World Health Organization, the three most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and fatigue. Shortness of breath is an additional symptom that may indicate a more difficult situation. Take a look at the symptoms chart below for further detail. Current guidelines state that if you are feeling symptomatic, please engage in a self-quarantine and contact your medical provider from your home.

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