Thoracic Spine High-Velocity Low Amplitude Technique

June 28, 2020
June 28, 2020 foxphysical

Learn How the Thoracic Spine High-Velocity, Low Amplitude Technique can help those suffering from neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, and shoulder pain

Thoracic spine high velocity, low amplitude technique (HVLAT) is proven to benefit those presenting with primary complaints of neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, and shoulder pain.

A study by Cleland 2020 demonstrated that those who received thoracic spine manipulation exhibited a reduction in pain at 1 week and improvements in disability at 1 week, 4 weeks, and 6 months; thus it was concluded by the author that those patients with neck pain and no contraindications to manipulation shoulder receive thoracic spine manipulation regardless of clinical presentation.

In another study, it was concluded that 6-8 sessions of upper cervical and upper thoracic manipulation were shown to be more effective than mobilization, and exercise in patients with cervicogenic headaches and effects were maintained at 3 months. Lastly, in a study conducted by Dunning et al 2015, patients with shoulder pain who received upper thoracic HVLA thrust manipulations showed significant reductions in pain and disability and improvement in perceived level of recovery.

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