Sports Physical Examinations

Sports Physical Examinations

Comprhensive musculoskeleta physicals designed for athletes to help prevent future injury

Sports physicals with physicians are common with school and collegiate-age athletes. These overly simplified screens are unable to detect underlying biomechanical issues that may lead to injuries or poor performance in the future.

We at Fox physical Therapy believe in providing a holistic approach and will take the athlete(s) through a full body examination to identify any deficits or muscle imbalances that may cause future dysfunction or injury. Our doctors will then write up a plan of care based on subjective and objective data findings. We will provide information to the individual, coach, and/or parent so they can clearly understand of the athlete’s true current overall health in relation to athletic performance. This proactive approach to injury is supported by extensive research and is encouraged for any athlete participating in sports. It can and should be performed before, during, and after a season.

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