Balance Training

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Balance & Coordination Training

Good balance and coordination allow you to move efficiently and safely through your environment but may be severely affected following neurological or orthopedic injuries. Deficits in balance and coordination may also be seen as a result of vestibular system dysfunction. However, by incorporating specific balance exercises to enhance your response to the external environment, one can decrease the risk of a fall.

Gait Analysis Training

Initiated when a patient is not walking normally; a full assessment of the gait pattern to target the source of the problem. Based on the findings, a specific exercise program will be generated to fix the problem.

Balance Training

Specific activities or exercises used to improve the patient’s balance; basic drills for elderly patients, as well as advanced dynamic exercises for the elite athlete.

Injuries, generalized weakness and a variety of pathologies can all lead to balance deficits. This may affect your ability to perform sporting activities or simple daily activities such as dressing, walking, carrying objects and stair ambulation. Physical therapists are trained in identifying causes of balance disorders and will prescribe specific exercises to improve balance.

Coordination Training

Used to improve fine motor skills and movements for a specific task.

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