Dr. Uriah Celauro

Dr. Celauro

Dr. Uriah Celauro PT, DPT

Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist

About Dr. Uriah Celauro

Dr. Uriah Celauro graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Brooklyn College in 2018. In his senior year, Uriah was accepted into his dream Physical Therapy program- Hunter College in Manhattan, New York, where he received his doctorate. Upon graduating, Uriah moved from Brooklyn to Boca Raton to begin his Physical Therapy career.

Dr. Celauro’s passion for Physical Therapy began when he was 16 after tearing his labrum pitching in high school. What he thought was the worst thing that could’ve happened to him ended up being the best thing to him as he found his passion and pursued a physical therapist career.

As a student, Dr. Celauro began taking comprehensive continuing education courses through the Institute of Physical Art and received mentorship from multiple manually-based therapists to further his knowledge and gain more experience. He believes that all patients have untapped potential, and it is his job to optimize people’s performance.

Dr. Celauro’s hobbies include spending time with his family, working out, and cheering on the New York Mets.