Dr. Joe Sobucki

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Dr. Joe Sobucki PT, DPT

Orthopedic and Sports Injury Specialist

About Dr. Sobucki

Dr. Joe Sobucki PT, DPT graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Gannon University. Following his undergraduate degree, he continued his graduate education at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.

As a former Division II Football player, Dr. Sobucki has always gravitated towards sports and has a passion for working with athletes. His passion for learning why he had different athletic abilities and limitations drove his hunger for knowledge as to why this occurred and how to make himself better. This drive to better himself athletically, combined with his innate desire to help his neighbor, led to a pursuit to also help others strive for greatness or even to return to their normal life. This all started in his sophomore year of high school and led him to pursue a degree in sport and exercise science during his undergraduate years and furthering his knowledge by becoming a doctor of physical therapy.

Dr. Sobucki works diligently to help each and every patient he comes into contact with, not only to progress towards their goals and to become pain-free but also to find the source of the pain. Something that sets Dr. Sobucki apart from many physical therapists is that his patient becoming pain-free is not his main objective when treating, though he focuses primarily on finding the source of the issue and working to decrease the risk for future injury through corrective exercise and proper mobility among other forms of treatment. Dr. Sobucki loves to teach and explain pathology, etiology, and reasoning behind each treatment to every patient as a way to educate them about their body and what occurs during an injury as well as with each step of the recovery process. He has experience treating professional athletes such as PGA professionals, UFC fighters, and NFL players while treating orthopedic injuries. Along with being passionate about orthopedics, Dr. Sobucki finds treating vestibular and oculomotor diagnoses such as vertigo and BPPV gratifying as well as fascinating, as this is a very difficult diagnosis to live with.

During his free time, Dr. Sobucki likes to work on his golf game, treat his friends and family, spend time with loved ones, and train his Golden Doodle, Dallas.